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Basil Thai Siam Queen Herb Seeds

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Basil Thai Siam Queen Herb Seeds - Irish Plants Direct 
This strongly flavoured aromatic annual herb has slightly puckered oval shaped green leaves, purple stems and white or pink tinged flowers with the scent of liquorice. 
Grow as an annual in garden borders, containers on a sunny patio or year round on a sunny kitchen window sill. 
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☀️Sow April - June or year round for indoor use
☀️Germination 7 - 10 days
☀️Loam or sandy soil that is acidic or neutral
☀️Harvest June - October
☀️Companion Plants Tomatoes, peppers, oregano 
☀️Do not plant with sage
☀️Pick the leaves when required
☀️A good source of vitamin A,C,E and K
☀️Use in pasta dishes, sauces, soups and salads
Sow the seed thinly year round onto well drained compost and cover lightly leave on a warm sunny window sill.
Alternatively sow out doors in a sunny sheltered spot into fertile soil from April.
Basil doesn't tolerate any cold so make sure all frosts have passed before planting out.
Trim the flowers from late summer to encourage new leaf growth.

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