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Artichoke Imperial Star ORGANIC Seeds

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Artichoke Imperial Star ORGANIC Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This ornamental perennial vegetable produces large sweet and tender edible green buds with a fine aniseed flavour. 
They will crop the first year producing around seven buds per plant. 
Reaching around 100cm in height they are at home in the vegetable patch or amongst the plants in a decorative border. 
Leave a few heads on each plant to mature and produce purple flowers that are a magnet for wildlife. 
Sow February - April 
Germination 7 - 21 days
All soil types that are acidic, alkaline or neutral
Harvest July onwards 
Companion Plants peas, brassica, sunflower, tarragon
Harvest when they are the size of a golf ball
A good source of vitamin C and K
Boil or steam the heads then remove the leaf scales
Artichoke need a well drained soil so if the soil is heavy add some horticultural grit to the planting hole. 
Do not harvest the first year. 
Sow thinly between February - April indoors onto moist compost.
When the plants are large enough to handle transfer to small pots to grow on. 
Harden off the plants, gradually accustom them to the outside then plant out where they are to grow when the risk of frost has passed. 
Alternatively sow outside during April where they are to grow sowing 2-3 seeds 1.5cm deep into finely raked well drained soil that has already been watered and 30cm apart.
Thin the seedling to 1 metre apart to grow on and keep well watered until the plants are established.
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