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Chilli Pepper Kilian Seeds

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Chilli Pepper Kilian Seeds - Irish Plants Direct 
This attractive bushy cayenne pepper has elongated green fruits that turn bright orange with age. 
Grow in a green house or outside in a sunny sheltered area. 
Use in a variety of dishes for a good heat. 
Heat rating on the scoville scale 30.000 - 50. 000. 
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Sow February - April 
Germination 7 - 10 days
Loam or sandy soil that's acidic or neutral 
Harvest July - October
Companion Plants Tomato, cucumber, chard, squash.
Do not plant with beans, brassicas or fennel
Harvest when they are developed enough by snipping off the chilli with scissors. They can be left on the plant to redden and gain more heat.
A good source of vitamin C
Use in soups, casseroles or Oriental dishes
Chilli's can be grown outside in a sheltered sunny spot or in the tunnel or greenhouse in borders, large pots or  grow bags.
Liquid feed when te first flowers appear. 
Chilli's can cause skin irritation so wearing gloves may be necessary when handling the fruits. 
Sow between February - April filling a small seed tray with compost and covering with fine compost. Keep the moist, place on a sunny window sill, warm greenhouse or propagator at 18 - 20 degrees. 
Transplant to larger individual pots when the seedlings are large enough to handle to grow on. If the plants are to be grown outside harden off and plant out in June - July or plant in the tunnel or greenhouse.
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