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Kale Red Devil Seeds

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Kale Red Devil Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This new variety of kale has a deep red vein running down the centre of the dark green leaves making it a very colourful and very tasty leaf this is a very hardy vegetable, use as baby leaves or leave them to mature.
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☀️Sow March - May
☀️ Germination 14 - 21 days
☀️ Loam or clay soil that's acidic, alkaline or neutral
☀️ Harvest September - March 
☀️ Companion plants Beet, Cabbage, Celery, Cucumber, Onion, Nasturtium, Marigold
Do not plant with Beans Tomato or Strawberry
☀️ Harvest by removing side shoots
☀️ A good source of vitamin A and C
☀️ Use in Stir-fry, steam or braise
Sow outside March - May in a prepared seed bed sowing thinly in rows 1.5cm deep keep the soil moist. When the plants have around 5 leaves transplant to their final position leaving 45cm between plants and 45cm between rows firm in and water well.
Sow indoors March - May in a tray sowing thinly and covering with a fine layer of compost Place on a warm window sill or warm greenhouse when the seedlings emerge grow on until the plants are large enough to handle then transplant into tray 5cm apart grow on and accustom the plants to outside. Plant out when the risk of frost has passed leaving 45cm between each plant 45cm between rows.




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