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Cucumber Pre Mountain Grape ORGANIC Seeds

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Cucumber Pre Mountain Grape ORGANIC Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This high yeilding Gherkin produces plenty of small tasty aromatic dark green fruits that are ideal for pickling. 
Harvest the fruits from the end of July when they are young. 
☀️Sow March - May 
☀️Germination 7 - 10 days
☀️Loam or sandy soil that acidic or neutral
☀️Harvest July - September 
☀️Companion Plants Corn, peas, beets, radish and nasturtiums
Do not plant with sage or potatoes
☀️Cut the cucumbers with a knife when they are large enough
☀️A good source of Vitamins C and K
☀️Use in Salad, sandwiches and pickling
Liquid feed every two weeks after the first flowers appear
Cucumbers are plants that are grown in warm conditions so must not be planted out until any frosts have passed, a sunny sheltered spot is required.  The soil must be well drained and humus rich.
Alternatively plant out in the tunnel or greenhouse border or into grow bags.  
Sow indoors from placing 2 seeds into 7cm pots on their sides about 2.5cm deep place onto a window sill, warm greenhouse or propagator. Pot on the strongest plants when the roots are visible at the bottom of the pots into 10cm pots and grow on.
Plant out when all danger of frost has passed, pinch out the growing tip when the plants have around 7 leaves to encourage strong side shoots.  Train up a support if required.
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