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Microgreens Japanese Tatsoi Seeds

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Microgreens Japanese Tatsoi Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
A bright green microgreen with a mild flavour that can be harvested after 1 week or leave to harvest as baby leaves. 
Easy to grow microgreens can be grown year round on a sunny window sill. 
They are packed with nutrients vitamins and minerals bringing different textures, flavours and colour to salads, sandwiches, soups or as a garnish. 
Sow the seed in trays or plastic containers that have drainage holes onto moist compost covering lightly with sieved compost. 
Place the tray on a warm sunny window sill to germinate.
Ensure the tray is kept moist. 
The seed will take 1 - 4 weeks before they are ready to harvest.
When the seedlings have their first set of true leaves and are are fully expanded snip the young vegetables with scissors close to the base of the compost. 
Leave to harvest as baby leaves. 
Seed Qty 1gram
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