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Garden Pests... Slugs And Snails

There are a whole host of pests just waiting to invade your garden munching on your plants devouring the tender young leaves or attacking the roots so it pays to be vigilant and solve any problems as they occur. Looking out for tell tale signs such as leaf damage or the plant not looking at its best and by acting quickly most pests and diseases can be treated first of all identify the cause then treat the problem.

These are one of the biggest culprits of garden pest and can devour small plants and seedlings overnight they can cause serious damage to the lush leaves of larger perennials such as delphiniums, lupins and iris. Holes in the leaves can be caused by weather such as wind and rain, but irregular holes in leaves or leaves been devoured are usually down to these slimy little creatures and one of the tell tale signs is the slime trail they leave behind.  Keeping garden debris to a minimum will help the situation clear away leaves and any rubbish as they hide away underneath these in the damp cool conditions. The first thing to do is decide how to treat the problem organically or chemically, there are many organic methods out there such as surrounding the plants with natural barriers such as egg shells sharp sand, grit or coffee grinds, using beer traps or picking them off at night when they are causing damage. Organic blue pellets are also readily available, if the problem is with pots and containers a copper strip can be fastened around the top of the pot the slugs and snails will not cross copper. The most popular chemical method are the blue slug pellets these need to be used sparingly they kill the slugs and snails as they cross over them.

slug and snail


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"These are a huge pest for the gardener slugs and snails munch on plants causing serious damage. "