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Planting Bareroot Perennials ..…

Bareroot perennials are dormant plants that can be planted during winter and
early spring.

Perennial Garden

These consist of a root and when you receive them they will be
packaged and ready to plant.  It is advisable to plant them as soon as
possible preferably within a week but do not plant into water logged or
frozen ground. 

 If the weather does become a problem or you are not sure
where you finally want to plant the root they can be planted into pots using
multi purpose compost.  Choose a plant pot large enough to accommodate the
root, plant with the top of the root (the crown) just below the surface
cover with compost, water and leave either in a cold greenhouse, tunnel or
cold frame or a sheltered spot in the garden. Leave the roots to grow on and
plant out the young plants later.

The above method can be used as a temporary measure until the weather
improves so the root can then be planted out straight into the garden.

Alternatively as a temporary measure heel in the root by digging a hole or
trench and placing the root in it, cover and firm down, these can then be
moved to the final planting position at a later date when conditions

Plant straight out into the garden where the plants are to flower if weather
permits. Prepare the ground and dig a hole large enough to accommodate the
root, position the root in the hole with the crown facing upwards around
5 - 10cm below ground backfill and firm down gently.


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"How and when to plant bare root perennial's during winter for splendid colour in garden borders easy to follow planting guide."