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Garden Pests... Leatherjackets

These greyish brown grubs can be a serious nuisance especially in lawns, the veg patch and herbaceous borders that are planted on poorly drained soil or after wet winters, they attack the plants by eating the roots causing the plants to fail and lawns to have brown patches where the grass has died. Leatherjacket are the larvae of crane flies known as daddy long legs the females lay their eggs by hopping on the surface of the soil they live just below the soil surface feeding from August onwards. Checking the lawn and plants regularly and dealing with any problems as soon as possible will help, however at the moment there is no chemical control available.


Encourage a variety of birds into the garden by hanging feeders and putting up nest boxes they will pull the grubs out of the lawn enjoying the tasty grubs.

A biological control may be an option a parasitic nematode called Steinernema Feltiae that is watered over the area affected works by infecting the grub with a bacteria to kill them.

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"A common garden pest that lives in the soil causing damage to the roots of plants causing them to die."