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Garden Pests... AntsAnts

The common black garden ant can be a nuisance in the garden but rarely cause a lot of damage, they can live under plant pots, compost bins and in lawns creating small mounds of soil. They are most active during the summer months. They live in nests that contain thousands of these small organised little insects feeding mainly on other insects including other ants also sugary foods such as honeydew from aphid infected plants. Adult worker ants are all female and wingless, the queens are slightly larger with wings, swarms of flying ants are common during late summer this is the mating period and these ants are the reproductive male and female. After mating the male dies the female loses her wings and returns to the nest to over winter.

Ants can be left alone unless they are causing particular trouble and there are many ant powders, sprays and bait available on the market. Alternatively if you are an organic gardener firstly locate the nest dig up and remove and also encourage a variety of birds and insects into the garden to eliminate these small insects.


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"How to deal with ants in the garden they can be a nuisance but cause little damage they are at their most active during summer. "