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Turnip Purple Top Milan Seeds

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Turnip Purple Top Milan Seeds - Irish Plants Direct 
This fast copping variety has creamy white and purple flat roots that have a mild sweet flavour they are very tender when harvested young and are an ideal catch crop between other vegetables. 
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☀️Sow April - August
☀️Germination 7 - 14 days
☀️Loam or clay soil that's alkaline or neutral 
☀️Harvest June - November
☀️Companion Plants Peas, Brassica's, Tomatoes or celery 
Do not plant with Potatoes, Radish or any other root vegetable.
☀️Harvested usually around 5cm but leave the main crop to grow until autumn. Turnip tops can be harvested as greens if they are picked when they are young.
☀️A good source of vitamin C
☀️Use roasted, mashed or boiled.
Turnips are brassicas and like all plants from the brassica family they need a sunny spot and well drained fertile soil that has been well dug in autumn that is not acidic so liming may be necessary.
Sow seed 1.25cm deep leaving 15cm between rows under cloches in February then in open ground from March until August thin the seedlings to 3cm then again to 10cm.
Mr Fothergill's Range Seeds 
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