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Runner Bean Mixture ORGANIC Seeds

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Runner Bean Mixture Organic Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This trio of heavy cropping climbing French beans will provide excellent crops over a long period of time.
Neckarkonign - A long green stringless bean with a sft texture and sweet flavour.
Neckargold - A yellow stringless bean with sweet rounded pods and good tolerance to poor weather.
Blauhide - An extremely long stringless rounded purple bean up to 27cm long.
Seed Qty 50 gram
??Sow April - July
??Germination 7 - 14 days
??Harvest June - October
??Companion plants Carrots, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and cucumber
??harvested when the pods are over 20cm long by gently pulling them off the plant. 
??A good source of vitamin A and Fibre
??Use for steaming & light boiling
Sow between April - May into pots on a sunny window sill or warm green house. When the young plants are large enough gradually accustom them to outside before planting out when the risk of frost has passed.
Alternatively sow direct into the ground between May - July where they are to grow when the risk of frost has passed planting out 30cm apart leaving 60cm between rows in a sunny position.
Provide canes for the beans to grow against. If space is in short supply they could be grown in the flower border along side flowers and shrubs providing height to the border. 
Sativa Bio Seeds Range
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