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Radish Scarlet Globe Seeds

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Radish Scarlet Globe Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This easy to grow salad vegetable is very fast cropping the bright red scarlet globes have a crisp white flesh with a mild taste.
Sow little and often from early spring for a continuous supply throughout summer. 
Seed Qty 600
☀️ Sow February- September
☀️ Germination 7 - 14 days
☀️ Loam or clay soil that's alkaline or neutral 
☀️ Harvest May - October
☀️ Companion Plants Beetroot, beans, carrots, cucumber, lettuce and nasturtiums
Do not plant with brassicas and turnip
☀️ Pull the radish while young when they get large they go woody
☀️ A good source of vitamin C
Use in salads and sandwiches
Radish are almost trouble free and very easy to grow they can be used to fill space in between slower growing veg as they are quick to germinate and crop.  
They need a reasonable fertile soil rake in a general fertiliser before sowing.
Sowing every fortnight will ensure a steady crop all summer.
Sow under cloches in February - March then in open ground up until September the seed should be sown thinly in drills 1.5cm deep little or no thinning is required. Keep well watered during dry spells.
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