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Pea Mangetout Norli ORGANIC Seeds

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Pea Mangetout Norli ORGANIC Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This French variety of sugar pea has dark green stringless flat pods with a sweet crispy taste.
These fast growing plants grow to around 60cm in height and are ideal for successional sowing. 
Seed Qty 20gram
☀️ Sow March - July
☀️ Germination 7 - 10 days
☀️ Loam or sandy soil that's alkaline or neutral 
☀️ Harvest June - October
☀️ Companion Plants French beans, carrots, cucumber, radish, turnip
Do not plant with Onions, chives and potatoes
☀️ Harvest the flat pods when they are young picking the pods from the plant regularly will keep it producing more and more
☀️ A good source of vitamin B1
☀️ Eat fresh or lightly boil or steam
Peas require a sunny spot that has been well dug in the autumn and plenty of manure added to retain moisture, they do not grow well in acidic soil so liming may be necessary a few weeks before sowing.  
Sow from mid March when the soil has warmed up then again in late April for a succession of pods during summer. 
Dig a flat bottomed drill 5cm deep and water the drill, sow the seed around 5cm apart allowing 75cm between rows enough room has to be left between rows to stake the peas and harvest the crop if required. 
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