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Now we are in March and the days are getting longer it's time to start getting busy in the garden. There should be a little bit of colour beginning to appear with spring bulbs starting to bloom this month these are welcome signs of spring. It's still a very changeable month but hopefully it's a little warmer now but we still have to contend with rain, wind and frosts and possibly late snow. The ground should be starting to warm up a little now so there are plenty of jobs to be done around the garden and in the tunnel or greenhouse. Beware though that slugs and snails are starting to do damage now eating through lush new growth, pick up any you see and set beer traps or apply slug pellets. Aphids can also be a problem wash the new growth with soapy water or spray with a ready mixed bug gun.

March Garden


• Cut back hedges.
• Prune fruit trees.
• Plant bareroot shrubs and roses.
• Prune Dogwood, Willow and Fuchsia.
• Move and transplant evergreen shrubs.


• Divide clumps of perennials.
• Cut the leaves off Hellebores and divide them.
• Divide Hostas.
• Deadhead winter bedding.
• Deadhead Daffodils.
• Clear weeds.
• Start to plant summer flowering bulbs.
• Cut back ornamental grasses.
• Mulch and feed the borders.
• If the weather is mild remove winter fleece protection.
• Keep a look out for garden pests, slugs, snails and aphids can start to be a problem as the weather warms up.
• Prune and feed roses.
• Place supports for tall perennials.
• Sow hardy annual seeds for summer colour.


• Sow onion and shallot sets.
• Improve heavy soils by digging in plenty of organic matter.
• Chit potatoes.
• Continue preparing the veg patch and remove any weeds.
• Start to sow vegetable seeds outside under cloches.
• Cover rhubarb with a bucket to force a few stems for early picking.
• Plant out strawberries.


• Pot up summer bulbs into containers.
• Sow Sweet Peas.
• Prick out any seedlings that have their first set of true leaves.
• Chit first early potatoes.
• Sow flower or vegetable seed into seed trays or modular cells for transplanting out later.
• Move established plants out to a cold frame.
• Leave the door or vents open on fine days.


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"The arrival of spring time heralds the time to start sowing seed and lifting and dividing perennial's check out other gardening jobs with our monthly guide."