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Carrot Resistafly F1 Seeds

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Carrot Resistafly F1 Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This bright orange main crop variety has an excellent resistance to carrot root fly.
It will produce high yeilds of nantes type carrots with blunt ended smooth skined roots with a good flavour. 
Seed Qty 180
☀️Sow March - July
☀️Germination 10 - 21 days
☀️Loam or sandy soil that's acidic, alkaline or neutral 
☀️Harvest August - December 
☀️Companion Plants Leeks, onions, parsley, radish, tomato, lettuce and marigolds
Do not plant with kohl rabi, parsnip or fennel.
☀️Pull up the small carrots from June onwards. Lift the main crop from October for overwintering. It is possible in milder winters for them to be left in the ground. 
☀️A good source of vitamin A
☀️Use for Boiling, steaming or using raw in salad.
Carrots need a firm fertile crumbling soil that has not been been manured in the last year. Dig the ground in autumn then apply a general fertiliser two weeks before planting. Keep well watered during dry spell to stop them getting woody. 
Sow from March onwards under cloches to harvest an early crop in June and then make successional sowings through to July.
The seed is extremely small but try to sow as thinly as possible in drills 1cm deep and in rows 15cm apart when the seedlings appear thin to around 10cm apart. 
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