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Brussels Sprout Fillbasket Seeds

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Brussels Sprouts Fillbasket Seeds - Irish Plants Direct
This gardeners favourite produces good crops of dark green firm sprouts with a good flavour that are ready for harvesting from November onwards. 
They are strong plants providing a continuous supply. 
Seed Qty 500
☀️Sow March - April
☀️Germination 7 - 21 days
☀️Loam or sandy soil that's alkaline or neutral 
☀️Harvest November - January 
☀️Companion Plants Other brassica, beetroot, carrot, onions, rosemary, sage, mint, calendula, marigolds, nasturtium
Do not plant with strawberries
☀️Harvest from November onwards by picking from the bottom of the stem when the sprouts are firm. The top of the plant can be used as cabbage when all the sprout are harvested
☀️A good source of vitamin A, C and fibre
☀️Use for Boiling and steaming or shred for salads. Ideal for freezing
Brassicas require a fertile well drained soil that has been well dug in autumn they do not grow well in acidic soil so adding lime to the soil may be necessary.
Brussels sprouts require a sunny spot that is sheltered from strong winds and need to be planted firmly to stop the plants becoming loose in the ground ideally up to the first set of leaves.
Sow indoors from February onwards when the plants have around 5 leaves harden them off and transplant outside to their final growing position spacing the plants around  60cm apart and 60cm between rows treading the plants in well. Water well before transplanting and during dry spells. 
Alternatively sow outdoors March - May in a seedbed sowing thinly in drills 1.25cm deep thin the seedlings eventually spacing the plants 60cm apart and 60cm between rows in their final planting position treading the plants in well.
Water 💦 well before transplanting and during dry spells. 
Kings Range Seeds 


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