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Broccoli Sebastian Seeds

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Broccoli Sebastian Seeds - Irish Plants Direct 
This early variety is grown for it's spring and autumn harvest.
The dark green tightly packed florets have a good mild flavour.
A good resistance to downy mildrew.
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Sow March - May or May - June 
Germination time 7 - 14 days
Harvest August - November or March - May
Companion Planting other brassicas beetroot, carrot, onions, sage, rosemary, mint, calendula, marigolds and nasturtiums.
Do not plant with strawberries
Harvest when the heads are a good size after the heads are cut smaller shoots will grow from the side of the plant
A good source of vitamin A,C, K and iron.
Use for Boiling or steaming or eating raw
Brassicas require a fertile well drained soil in partial shade that has been well dug in autumn they do not grow well in acidic soil so adding lime to the soil may be necessary. 
Sow indoors between March - May in seed trays of moist compost transplant to larger pots when the seedlings are large enough to handle when the plants have around 5 leaves harden off and transplant outside to their final growing position, spacing the plants around 35cm apart and 60cm between rows treading the plants in well.
Water the plants well before transplanting and during warm spells. 
Alternatively sow out doors during between May - June in a seed bed sowing thinly in drills 1.25cm deep thin the seedlings eventually spacing the plants 60cm apart and 35cm between rows in their final planting position treading the plants in well.
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