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Aubergine Black Beauty ORGANIC Seeds

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Aubergine Black Beauty ORGANIC Seeds - Irish Plants Direct 
This upright compact plant has purple flowers followed by an abundance of deep purple medium sized pear shaped fruits with an excellent flavour.
An easy to grow variety that is a reliable cropper that can be grown in a greenhouse, tunnel or outside in a sheltered spot. 
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☀️Sow January - April
☀️Germination 8 - 11 days
☀️Loam or sandy soil that is acidic or neutral. 
☀️Harvest August - October
☀️Companion Plants beans, peas, peppers, marigolds & nasturtiums. 
☀️Do not plant with potatoes or kohl rabi. 
☀️Pick the fruits when the fruits are solid and heavy. 
☀️A good source of Vitamin A, C, b1, b6, and potassium 
☀️Use in  pasta dishes, salads and curries
Aubergines can be grown in pots, grow bags or in the border of a greenhouse and tunnel. Prepare the soil by digging in compost or well rotted manure add a granular fertiliser 2 weeks before planting.
Make sure plants are grown in full sun. 
Sow by planting 2 seeds in a 3mm pot either on a warm window sill or in a heated propagator the temperature for germination needs to be between 21 - 27 degrees. When the seedlings emerge remove the weaker one then when they get their first true leaves transplant into a larger pot to grow on.
If the plants are to be transplanted outside ensure they have been hardened off and all chance of frost has passed and ensure they are planted in a so. uth facing sheltered spot. 
It's important to water regularly and feed with liquid feed fortnightly when the flowers appear.
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